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MEDIAE20 srl is a Media Agency founded in 2011 by an idea of Amedeo Falzone and Anna Ancillotti. It is specialized in Online and Offline Performance Marketing; its main expertise is to develop tailor made, effective and measurable communication projects.

Thanks to a smart, innovative and flexible approach, it adapts and responds to diverse communication needs by supporting companies to define the best advertising strategies and identifying the most effective solutions to achieve business objectives, with the advantage to pay only for the results achieved.

Mediae20's mission is to contribute significantly to the growth of its customers' performance, through an extensive market analysis aimed at exploring new horizons, testing innovative solutions and creating integrated strategies.

Amedeo Falzone

Co-Founder | CEO


Anna Ancillotti

Co-Founder | Administration


Elisa Maccabelli

Campaign Manager


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We propose a 360° service that starts from targeting and positioning analysis to strategic approach and customized solutions.


A 24-months research project with the aim of creating the first Artificial Intelligence solution to optimize Digital ADV investments on the 3 main Performance Marketing channels.

Scientific partner

The partnership with AIRLAB (Research Group in Artificial Intelligence of the Milan Polytechnic) has generated an algorithm for optimizing the Digital ADV campaigns through machine learning that positions Marketing Multimedia at the state of the art also in the scientific field.

November 2017

Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), the world's most prestigious conference on artificial intelligence, selects the scientific article presenting the algorithm of MediaMatic as best practice for this year's edition.

January 2018

The article illustrating the theoretical basis for certifying the "optimal convergence" of the developed algorithm is shortlisted for the International Joint Conference on the Artificial Intelligence / European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-ECAI-18).

The MediaMatic model is based on a constant process of learning and fine tuning campaigns in order to identify and evaluate the balance between investment and objective.

Bidding Dynamic Leveraging

Business proposition

The evolutionary modulation of the three main Digital Marketing channels - Search Engine ADV, Social Media ADV and Programmatic ADV – allows to maximize the performance of the investments in Digital Communication.

Algorithms with Artificial Intelligence guarantee unique levels of speed, flexibility and scaling up in the market.

Digital Media Planning and Programmatic Buying

In a market where Digital ADV now accounts for 29,9% of Media Spending, Mediae20's planning strategy is based on three channels that represent different steps of the customer-journey, with specific characteristics and values. However, all three are based on similar purchase and segmentation logics, which offer a wide range of levers on which to build a successful Media Mix.

Search Engine ADV, Social Media ADV and Programmatic ADV (used to mange 24.8% of Display Banner + Video activities today), are the Web Channels with the highest YOY growth rates Considering the breakdown of Digital Media spending 2017, these three channels represent 59% of the online ADV, a percentage destined to grow exponentially in the coming years.

Source: Osservatorio Internet Media Politecnico di Milano e IAB Italia, November 2017


The model is based on an ongoing process of learning and fine tuning of the ADV campaigns, that allows the real time leverage of all the main parameters, both intra-channel and cross-channel, in order to locate and keep the balance between investment and target.

Monitoring & Reporting

All the main campaign KPIs are monitored day-by-day through the analysis and reporting platform that will incorporate data from all active campaigns, coming from various sources (ADV platforms, AdServer, e-Commerce platform, etc.). In addition to the daily monitoring via the platform, the workflow provides regular alignment meetings for sharing analysis of results, trends / forecasts and for the evolutionary remodulation of the Media Plan.

Case Study - AGOS cessione del quinto

AGOS has entrusted exclusively to Marketing Multimedia the promotion of the «Cessione del Quinto» line, aimed at very specific audiences such as Public and Private Employees and Retired.

The MediaMatic Box platform was used for the management and optimization of the Search Engine ADV, Social Media ADV and Programmatic ADV, in order to generate financing requests that meet stringent qualitative and quantitative requirements. In the first three months, the acquisition cost decreased by 20% compared to the previous quarter.


Financing requests

Strong Competition

Consolidated historical series

Complex conversion

Maximum attention to ROI

Growing volumes

Acquisition cost -32,9%


M20 GEO locates your mobile advertising strategy with standard and rich media formats In Italy and abroad.

Geofence: delivery of the campaign around the points of interest of the advertiser in a range between 50 mt and 5 km

Geomessaging: Through an innovative technology based on Gps, you can contact the users who have attended in the last 30 days, for at least 15 minutes and no more than two hours, a given POI – point of interest.

For both types and for projects supplying at least 5 milions impressions, Mediae20 can provide the details of the visits within the points of interest following the geo marketing activities!


7 Millions of users profiled for age, sex and postal code

97.5% of the SMS reach their destination
Technology to verify active numbering
No disturb rule - 2/3 messages per month per user


Enhances the CRM and marketing activities of companies by sending sms
We reach your database with a click
Receipt notification
Customized sender


We are specialized in the provision of performance campaigns.
The advertiser only pays the results shared with our team.

CPA compensation (Cost per Landing)

COST PER LANDING - CPA Mediae20 guarantees the complete opening of the landing page. It is also possible to optimize the campaign by adding other KPI, e.g. time spent on site, session visited exc..

CPI compensation (cost per Install)

COST PER INSTALL – CPI Mediae20 guarantees the app installation and the company only pays for the successful installation and opening of the app. The possibility to optimize the traffic sources allows us to improve the quality of downloads and, by inserting a postback url, to monitor the actions that the user performs within the application.

CPL compensation (cost per Lead)

COST PER LEAD – CPL Mediae20 optimizes the traffic sources for building databases of potential customers. Few and indispensable information to build a high quality database.

CPS compensation (cost per Sales)

COST PER SALES - CPS The web service connection with the call center allows us to transform leads into sales and optimize the CR (conversion rate) between leads and sales.

E.g: Cost per appointment in a dealership through a shared calendar tool.


Chat-bot banner

Dialogue is the most personal mean of interaction. The way people communicate is changing, communication in CHAT is becoming the main tool for interaction among people but especially between people and brands, both on the web and on mobile.

The ChatBot Banner offers new possibilities for interaction with users. The click will become the starting point for a one-to-one communication, where users and prospects will be involved in a high-engagement chat with unlimited text and multimedia content. ChatBot will allow an easy and natural communication with users. It will be able to provide all the information required to promote a product/service. The ChatBot will also be able to collect the data necessary for a high quality database building.

Video Engage

Video engage is an innovative format that allows the user to interact with the spot. There are multiple possibilities such as the store locator, the social network sharing, the search for given references or the compilation of a lead form


The 3d box is a rich media format. Striking, interactive, it allows a high level of user involvement thanks to the moving 3d. It is possible to implement the store locator in the rotation for a maximum of 50 dealers!

Video Corner is a floating video format that is located at a fixed position on the corner of the screen and does not disappear at the scroll. Bat and Bigfoot are the display versions of the Video Corner, located on the left side and on the bottom of the screen, respectively.

Watch some examples

Bat example
Bigfoot example

Network contract

The partnership between Marketing Multimedia and Mediae20 was established in January 2018, to meet the needs of the advertisers in terms of DEM performance, targeting and innovative brand formats. Mediae20 thus becomes an interlocutor able to respond to all customer needs, from the construction of the website and / or launch of the app, to the study of the social/search strategy, to the programmatic ADV and ad hoc brand awareness solutions.

Media strategy

Integration with all SSPs (sell side platform) and DMP (data management platform) that allow our digital team to have constant access to worldwide inventories and technologies. Tracking and Optimizing of all the campaigns delivered, both brand and performance based on KPIs indicated by customers.

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